Friday, 14 October 2011


assalamulaikum and good morning to my audience and my special guess Sir Khairul Nizam Bin Shuid .Today i want share about my informative speech .My topic for informative speech is effects of smoking .Before i start my information speech ,i ask my audience one question .

*You know smoking is harmful to our health right ?

After that ,i show my slide about effect of smoking and i start to introduction .

The introduction is smoking could kill 1 billion people this century .There are about 1.15 billions smokers worldwide .The World Health Organization ,tobacco became one of the biggest causes of death worldwide .Tobacco contains a substances called nicotine addition causes .Among the scenarios and smoking in Malaysia is almost half of all Malaysian men smoke .

Okay ,after i explain about introduction effects of smoking .I telling about main point about effects of smoking.

*Main point about effects of smoking :
  a) Nicotine is one of the primary effects of smoking.
  b) It heightens his risk of having cancers of the mouth.
  c) Individual can acquire as an effect of smoking are cataracts ,heart problems ,and
importance .

Learning about the effect of smoking is an excellent way to persuade an individual to break the said harmful habit .by doing so ,he will become fully aware of the health risks he and his loved ones may face because of smoking .

First of all ,addition to nicotine is one of the primary effects of smoking .Cigarettes contain nicotine ,which is a highly addictive substances .The persistent smoking of a person can lead to the development of his dependency to the said chemical ,and if not attended to immediately ,it could lead to other grave results .

Once the smoking habits of a person has become an addiction ,his chance of acquiring numerous health problems will increase .The first of which involves his respiratory system .Smoking without restraint damages his lungs ,which in turn results to regular exhaustion and difficulty in breathing .In addition ,it heightens his risk of having cancers of the mouth ,throat ,and lungs .This is due to the fact that aside from nicotine ,cigarettes contain more than 50 chemicals that are carcinogenic ,which means that they cause cancer to those who are habitually exposed to them .A part from these ailments and diseases ,other illnesses which an individual can acquire as an effect of smoking are cataracts ,heart problems ,and importance .

Moving on ,smoking affects not only the person who has the habit but the people around him as well .Passive smoking happens when the cigarette smoke ,which a person breathes out ,is inhaled by other people .Non-smokers that are exposed to hit may face the same harmful results of smoking ,which are mentioned above .

After i finish telling a main point about effect of smoking to my audience .
So the conclusion is long-term measures are to be arranged immediately for the welfare of the people .Campaigns and the media are very useful in providing accurate information about the dangers of smoking .

Okay ,after i finish telling the conclusion .I tell my audience how dangers if we a smoking .That all for today .



  1. hye there can i have ur slide presentation can u email to me tq for helping me

  2. the effect from smoking. Smokers are more likely to get peptic ulcers than non-smoker and they also can get the stomach cancer. Then, smoking causes pancreatic cancer too. quit smoking today